Colin J. McCorriston

Born in Montreal, Colin obtained his B.A. in Political Science and History at Glendon College, York University (1975) and his law degree, LLB., at Queen’s University in Kingston (1978). Colin then articled at Black, Black, Pedlar & Atkinson (1978-79) and was then called to the Bar of Ontario in 1980.

Colin, John and Doug joined forces in 1994 to form Goss McCorriston Stel (GMS) in Ottawa’s south end, at the corner of Bank and Hunt Club.

Colin has a very capable Legal Assistant, Lisa Hope, who graduated from Algonquin College and acquired experience at several law firms, the City of Gloucester and Canada Post, before joining Colin when GMS was established in 1994. Lisa continues to contribute to Colin’s practice and has always served to enhance his clients’ experience over the years.

For many years, Colin has provided effective legal services in the Ottawa area at a reasonable cost.

If you require a lawyer to help you in the following areas, please do not hesitate to contact Colin or his assistant Lisa.

A more detailed listing of Colin’s primary areas of practice can be found below:



When entering a new relationship:

  • Cohabitation Agreements

  • Marriage Contracts

  • Letters of opinion to the Government of Ontario to validate your foreign Divorce Order or Judgement in support of your application for a Marriage License in Ontario if you wish to re-marry

When leaving an existing relationship:

  • Separation Agreements

  • Parenting Agreements

  • Applications to the Superior Court of Justice, Family Court for the following forms of relief:

    •  A Divorce

    • Child Custody / Access

    • Child Support

    •  Spousal Support

    • Interim possession of the Matrimonial Home

    • Division of Property

    • Equalization of Net Family Property

  • Provision of Health, Medical and Dental Insurance coverage for you and your children

  • Life Insurance or other security for the payment of child and spousal support in the event that the support payer dies while obliged to pay support

  • Interest and Costs

Colin can also assist you to obtain a new Order or Amending Agreement, to vary the provisions of a Court Order or Separation Agreement to reflect your changing circumstances in the years following the original Divorce Order, Final Order or Separation Agreement


Colin has been a proponent of ADR in Family Law matters since articling in Kingston and upon settling in Ottawa joined other like minded professionals, which group included: 

Family Law Lawyers, Social Workers and Psychologists,

who shared the view that separating couples and parents could be better served by the professional community assisting them to resolve the issues arising in the wake of their separation outside of traditional litigation or the court oriented process which many can ill afford, particularly following a family breakdown and separation.

For most people, going before the Ontario Court of Justice, Family Court, is at best an intimidating experience and a potentially very costly one.

When your matter proceeds formally to court, it often seems as though you have lost control of the process, which in large measure may determine the future course of your family life in terms of parenting, financial support and how the property acquired during your relationship is divided or equalized.


Colin and like minded professionals in Ottawa got together to form the Ontario Association of Family Mediators (OAFM), Ottawa Branch in the early 1980's and successfully lobbied the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) to have lawyers providing mediation services covered under their lawyer’s insurance plan.

They then established a Mediation Referral Line at the old Court house and championed the growth and public awareness of Mediation as a viable and often preferable alternative to resolve family law issues as an alternative to the formal court process.

Colin has been an active member of the OAFM, Ottawa Branch, since its inception and would be pleased to discuss the Mediation alternative with you to see if it may be right for you and your circumstances.


Again, Colin, in pursuit of better alternatives to assist separating couples and better address their needs following a family breakdown or separation, was one of the first small group of lawyers practicing in the area of Family Law in Ottawa to acquire the required level I and level II training and obtain Certification to practice Collaborative Family Law in Ontario.

Collaborative Family Law is another form of ADR which has the parties more directly involved in the negotiation process in which their respective lawyers (both collaborative law certified lawyers) act more as coaches rather than advocates for their respective clients and as the name suggests commits both the parties and their collaborative lawyers to finding, negotiating and executing an out-of-court settlement in a collaborative manner with a view to minimizing conflict, acrimony and costs.

If you want to know more or believe the Collaborative approach is right for you please call us to explore that alternative in greater detail. 


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